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Finally the world submits to war, choking the entire earth
Unleashed by difference of religion and lack of natural assets
Crushing civilization's solid core
This world once strived to be unified, now each nation stands for itself

Oblivious to the former sympathy, all that remains is to crush the enemy

Any warning at this stage would be mocked, enemy fixation
Instincts of survival feeds the war, logic is drowned
This is a battle none will survive

Crushing as mother machinery charges forth
Advancing technology brought forth in weaponry
New inventions with extended capacities, created with good intentions
Turned into potential destroyers of the world

We rule a world that bleeds

Logic drowning, enemy fixation overflowing
And in the end no one can save us from ourselves

Blinded eyes suddenly realize that our time is done, sense imminent demise
The carnage halts, regret comes to late - mankind has sealed its fate
Carnage chokes the world
Withering, withering of the will to live, climax of the carnage ends
When hope is lost
The withering, our bleeding earth we will rule no more

Too late we face the fact, all options are gone
We have brought the end of our era upon ourselves
We leave the earth to heal itself
Fade, leave for something else

Hear the dying, afraid to take the consequences
But in the end nothing can save us from ourselves

Too late we face the fact, all options are gone

Text přidal Kochac

Video přidal DevilDan

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