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As we are overwhelmed by the never ending void
Little do we comprehend our being
Drifting towards infinity

To die is but part of the truth to our existence
Like cosmic matter, implacably drawn towards the black hole
All flesh is subject to the unrelenting power of death

Deep, embedded in flesh lie emotions of an abstract kind
Thoughts, to earthly thinkers, of an inexplicable nature

Confront death, a sin so innocent
Simply the end of your carnal life
My last day, I feel it closing in, the nature of departure

Life's perishment, forced acceptance
To join the cosmic tides forever
Inexplicable, nature beyond this sphere

Off to seek the answer to our nature, to what's beyond
Eyes closed, set adrift among the orbs
To enter what's beyond our sphere

At last the day of departure
I'm sworn to haunt the calling skies

The never-ending void now opened
All is done, I embrace death here and now

Down the path of an uncertain future
Shrouded in mist are the secrets of beyond

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