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The night is at it's peak, got the eye of a tiger
Been this way forever straight outta my mumu vagina
Theophilus divine, music my recliner
Separate, hella great, multiply her and divide her
This that new york nigga, belly of the monster
I run laps so on stage I'm a dancer
I inpire you, yeah I insprire you
And water inspires me, see waters inside of you
And the way the truce was made on the earth for us to breathe
Your a chick, over breeze, your a cough, I'm a sneeze
This has come, brooklyn yeah we on ya
Leave your hat in the fridge, I'm talkin jefferey dauma
Yeah, these tight jeans, I don't rock 48's
Me on a verse is like you against 40 apes
40 nights, 40 days, I bet I eat 40 steaks
And I ain't mad, you can still rock the corny bapes

Text přidal Moonblade

Video přidal Moonblade

This Charming Mixtape

London Theophilus texty

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