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Give You Love - text


All the time I room when you were down
And now that you're all right I'm on the ground
Wonder how did I become this vermin frau?
And how do I begin to turn around?
I thought it was okay to joke around
But no one's laughin' now, so I've found
It's terrible to think that I messed it up
When all I want to do is give you love

Always wanted more
Had to have it all
Could not get it
You never did learn just to let it go-oh

Are wakin' from my dream
And the nightmare's all its been
Don't let it catch ya
You're never quite here 'cuz you're half alseep

I think of all the trouble going down
I think of where you're really headed now
I never saw the black clouds a-loomin' up above
I told you all I do is give you love

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