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Back To You - text


Gonna bring it back to you
I never turned by back to you
I remember what you said and what I promised you
Took a while to learn the truth
Always learnin’ somethin’ new
I believe that I’ve been compromising a moral attitude
Compromising, compromising, compromising a moral attitude

No surprises, not for me
Every time the mobile rings,
Always wantin’ what I can’t offer
I’m just as good as mobile phon-ar
Information comes to me
Especially that which I don’t need
Turns around my mind and awaken day and all night long you lost my sleep
Still you’re sittin’ and stare at me without a question, no intention for the present
No progression from this situation, just oceans of misinformation
Oceans, oceans,

Oceans of misinformation
I said now is there no, compromise?
Can anybody show them, how to compromise?

Compromising, compromising, compromising, oooh

Keep ‘em comin' back to you
Still they’re rushin’ back to you
Till there’s nothing left to see and now our will is true
Gonna bring it back to you
Pray let me back to you
And believe that it’s all right; it’s all your attitude

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