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The Harrowing Road to Hollow - text

Trip, fall and roll. Get up in the Hansom Cab
Pulling Mary by her hair, look at you, dead end Stare
Making sure there's no sharp objects, out of the line of sight
In the end there's no salvation, better to taking flight

Pre chorus:
Through the night, Through the trees
Galloping at top speed
Drifitng on the long ride
KK Fossor's waiting for us!

Many more deaths tomorrow
Harrowing path to sorrow
Many more souls to swallow
The Harrowing path to hollow

Stop, Look and Turn. Step down from the Hansom Cab
Mary tries to strangle me, Get back on the road again
With evey breath that draws from her mouth, tingle with so much fright
Pulling up to the black gates, not a soul in sight

(Pre chorus)


KK: Oh I do hope Henrietta gets here in time. She has no idea what will happen if she fails.


KK Fossor's waiting for us!


KK: Will she survive?

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