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Blood from Blood - text

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The sun goes down, the darkness ascends, The moon shinning right over town.
Matilda yells, send the kids off to bed. The dog tags along..onto their rooms
Henrietta locks her bedroom door, It's too bad the others didn't do the same
Rest in Pieces. Unfortunate fate, soon about to unravel
Sleep well, Dream on. In Mary's eye a fire's burning
Drenched linen, shades drawn. This is how they die
Sheer terror as the blood flows
Eternal horror before their last breath
Lack of sorrow. The crimson corpse knows
Immortalized. Demise of the house
John wakes up, he hears a strange noise, tip toes down to the cellar
Matilda kicked him, kicked him out of bed. Go see what is the matter
John looks up the cellar stairs, he sees Mary standing in front of him.
A swing of her arm, flying down the stairs, he gets an axe in his forehead.
Eric, Sssssshhh. Mother and Father are sound asleep upstairs
Why don't you come a little closer my brother for I have something to show you
Down this hall, she comes, dragging a bloodied hatchet.
Don't stumble, run. Getting real close, closer to them
One by one, they fall, slashing the life out of them
Pure Evil, it's done. Dripping down the axe. Blood from blood
(Solo-Matt Johnsen)

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