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Resurrection Mary - text


Love was lost that night
Dew drops on your gaze
But you were so cold babe
You were gone...
On the side of a desert road
From this endless dream
There will be no more awake

Run, before the night will fall
Run, before the light will get you

Angry and confused
White dress, dancing shoes,
Look, so long is the way
From a wood to a vale
The price to run away
Taken from your veins
Memories of your past
Rise again

Sometimes you can see her
Dancing with the autumn leaves
Before the rush starts again
Among the groves, among the graves

Run Mary run
And never stop
And never stop

Chased by the sun
And never look back
Run baby run
And never rest
And never rest
Death's walking fast
She's going to get you

Every night I see you
Walking, going nowhere
Bleeding, lifeless body
Breathless crying

On a side of this desert road
What remains is a dream.
There will be no more awake.

Text přidal DarkSaga

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