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Delusional Denial - text


He is trying to make me mad
He says I need to eat and sleep
I don't want to waste my time
No one can get me back to life

"You're alive, it's a delusion, it's in your mind"
I can't feel it anymore
"You're playing with your own life"

No nerves, no heart, no pain
Among the dead ones
No brain, no breath, no life
None of these words
Delusional they say
It's all in your mind
But what the do they lie

Is something really wrong?
Are they trying to fright me?
Are they trying to warn me?

This syndrome chills to the bones
It lulls me while it swallows me whole
"Don't you want to be fine?
Don't you want to be sane?"
This is my reality
"Be careful what you wish for"

Text přidal DarkSaga

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