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You better watch out
Cause one of these days
I’ll turn and ask you on a date
Cause every bus ride
You sit beside me
I kill myself for things to say
I’d take you to a film or maybe to a party
We’d mix and mingle with the cityscape of youth
They drink their Stellas and they
They wear their getups that say
They believe in something, but they don’t at all
You’re not a one-stop, baby let me tell you
You’re not a one-stop, baby I swear
Oh driver don’t stop, don’t stop, never stop
Cause here beside me sits the girl of my prayers
“Caw caw! You can’t conquer them all
You can’t conquer them all, so don’t try, no don’t try.”
Mister Meek speaks
And from my shoulder he squeaks
And I can’t get up the cheek to just say hi
We seem so far away
In this knock-off of a heyday
There are handshakes and that’s okay
But it’s nothing like the touch from knee to knee

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