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I want to be your cultured man
Who doesn’t jump off of the bus you were riding
Run as fast as his legs can go
To return the previous night’s video
Then sprinting to catch up
By the next bus stop
Just to impress you my love
Just to impress you
Just to impress you my love and sit back beside you
I want to be your talented man
Who doesn’t wake you in the morning having cooked us something strange
And when you go for supper at his folks
Doesn’t burst in through the door and announce to them
You’re never gonna guess
Who I brought as a guest
Cause your blood is family too
So come to the table
Your blood is family too now sit down beside us
Pouring wine and pushing opinions
Taking drags, ignoring the dishes
The worlds we unwrap off the top of our heads
You and me and my folks between dinner and bed
When months they pour into years and more
Will he still be holding car doors for you?

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