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Who are all these people?
They are too stupid to be your real parents
I’ve met some bone idols in my time but they really take the biscuit
I tried to make talk to them nice
I wanted them to like me, yeah
But the time went by and the look in their eyes said it’s never going to do
the trick

She’s attracted to (x6)

Your dad cornered me in the hallway while you were in the loo
He gave me a right talking to
He said I was a terrorist
Reason I tried but reason she died
We were fighting on the drive under the security lights
And your mum was screaming

She’s attracted to (x6)

When you finally joined the party you took my side
Then the whole street knew what was happening outside

You were screaming at your mum and I was punching your dad (x12)
In his face

She’s attracted to

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Voices Of Animals And Men

The Young Knives texty

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