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You could speak without talking and weep without leaking
Your laughter is growing, plans are expanding
Your eyes were not working when you led us to the garden
We knew where we were going, in separate directions
But you led the way to that

We were a dying breed of lovers with no needs
We should've hung around together
When the walls were all closing
I undid your dress, you climbed up my jeans
We wept for each other
Still with no needs
But you led the way to that

I hold onto your words like they were rules from a book
I cleaned up my things and dropped them on the way home
And now you’re a dream I’m too scared to have
Because if I do then in the morning I’d walk back
To that sentimental park where I ate from your hands
You showed me what the truth is, I still don’t understand

And now I’m dwelling on the past with a bottle on my lap
Shouting at the wall because he's shouting at me back
I’m gonna finish up this fag, stub it out on my hand
So I can fall asleep fast in a bed of broken glass

Like a fire I roll
Over to the ground
No one wants to put me out
Because I never made a sound

Dead love is all we are
Throw me on the floor
Show me to the door

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