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It's Not Getting Any Good - text


While I'm / working to afford to have fun with you I'm distracted
To / stillness by the thinking of you from beach to top mountains
Paula this / in-distinguished suburb grinds my sleep teeth to ruin and powder
You know it to be / true you heard it held me woke me close whispered how it'll

Be soon you said / worry baby sleepy head

But it's not getting any good
That's a bandage / that we've been using
(That's a bandage, a we-ooh, we-ooh, whoa-oh)
Best of a decade / not while we're here in Secaucus bound
(Some-bah, some-body-ah)
But it's not getting any good

Cut back to / me young and un-pressured in contrast to aunts and to uncles
8 and 10 / older at the cusp of adulthood away walk from play time
I knew then of / those days gold status how they'd look back to fix their hearts worn (worn)
And yet here I am write of when I had so many they were of

No value when
Laid unnumbered end to end

But it's not getting any good
Let's stop pretending / in never endings
(Let's stop pretending, a we-ooh, we-ooh, whoa-oh)
Another decade / or until we're out of the hope you found
(Some-bah, some-body-ah)

But it's not getting any good
Let's abandon / this house to Camden
(Let's abandon, a we-ooh, we-ooh, whoa-oh)
Messed up a decade / let's get away from these home and towns
(Some-bah, some-body-ah)

But it's not getting any good
Cause something's missing / we hide by kissing
(Cause something's missing, a we-ooh, we-ooh, whoa-oh)
Rest up a decade / we'll need our strength to escape this town
(Some-bah, some-body-ah)
Can't tell myself from hopes I've drowned
(Some-bah, some-body-ah)
Can't tear myself from this safety town
(Some-body-ah, some-bah)
Can't tell each other from stupid clowns
(Some-body-ah, some-body-ah, some-bah)
But it's not getting any good

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