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[Verse 1]

The matching children fall in play
It makes me happy without the pain
I've been waiting for the phone to ring
And I'm convinced that we're all the same


I've seen you cut through me
How long can you wait


Right now she's dancing in the middle
My heart is naked for the first time
I feel the turning of the ground now
Wait oh weigh me down

[Verse 2]

I bite my lip with the fear that my
Girl's been tasting another guy
It appears to me your life can only move
At the pace of the river you travel down

[Pre-chorus 2]

There's never enough paper
When you leave me face down


I feel just perfect
There's nothing wrong with me
So leave me alone
Don't make me tell you twice
But when the windows die
It's enough to [x3]
Drain my sanity and leave me helpless
Staring endlessly all night
But the words aren't right

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