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Under The Ground - text


[Verse 1]

Maybe everyone's to blame
Cuz I can't fall in love to save
All the world or anyone else
Turn on the TV and fade


Maybe it's only me


Talk to me now
Why do you run from me
Walk up to me
Like we've never met
Break into me
I need you more than you know
Oh no, I'm under the ground

[Verse 2]

Tell me if you want to be
Lonely or if there should be
Someone else tell me it's me
Let's run away in the rain




My parts are falling out it's useless
No one can save me now I'm under
Somebody's painted house I hear their
Surrounding voices fade when I decide to stay

It's four in the morning
I'm naked and staring at the wall
In my lonely apartment room
And I'll swear to your beauty
I'm sorry that I'm so messed up
Don't hate me
When I'm under the ground

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