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Thoughts On Love's Mishaps - text


I think love is in the air but when everyone is listing reasons to jump into the glass that breaks at first glance just sit me down and understand this night has fallen and only the eyes of daylight can see mysteries left to perceive. When the system's shutting down I should be the first to figure out and you know what you feel is everything to you so settle down and reframe the scenario leaving out the excess radio because I'm done waiting on you to set sail and take control. She is calling me with regrets of yesteryear and all it's tears scraped out they're not for me. So I started to feel you erasing all their words, but sitting with my back turned can only make me see that everyone here is wrong and everyone here has nothing to say good. The systems shutting down and I can't do a thing but walk out and stay proud because all I am is everything that I've kept up ‘til now. This girl is sailing on a boat screaming at the waves as if she hears they're calling out her name sounding out like the sirens who never seem to prove their mishap. Set a course to see your face oh northern star it's not complicated just lead the way. So step aside and see yourself and realize you're someone else than who you see and what you hear and understand you don't see clear. Today pours out remnants of you and I can't see a thing past my two shoes. If tonight just simply spits me out I hope I land somewhere near you. Everyone here is wrong and everyone here has nothing to say good. Let me be alone.

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