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The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything) - text


[Verse 1:]
I'm sure to find true love
Under angel wings
Assured and locked so tight
I know she's whispering
Alone and savoring
Life alone tonight
She's coming out to greet
A world so wont of light
Her first time exposed to
The games and bitter ends
Her last time to feel clean
In broken English she says

"I lost everything
To one boy who said he was mine
He said he'd hold me forever"
Now she's sitting on my floor
Pulling out her hair to ease
That she's not sleeping again

[Verse 2:]
This cotton down it feels
So much more like home
The memories creep in
She closes both her eyes
She's walking out into
The night for the first time
Completely unprepared
For the thousandth time


[Bridge x2:]
The first time that I saw those eyes
Was the first time I came undone
Oh Mary look what you've done to me
Oh Mary look what you've done

[Verse 3:]
I can't forget this night
Another left another right
How did I ever get away
The door was locked the key unmade
Out for the last time life ends here
There is no next time gas is full
A vehicle that ends all fear

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