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Just stay in my arms

[Verse 1]

Last night I leveled with the angels
They were everywhere
And there was nothing I could do
It wasn't their call
We entered the house greeted
By a stranger who would soon replace ours


And right away I knew I was entering
Into a place of uncertainty and disdain


Why is father
On the phone did he notice
Her withering hand or is it something she said
Up this flight of stairs how we dare
I enter this room and this house

[Verse 2]

I descend into a room down the hall
My hands are shaking I must reason with the angels
They will understand
They will see the tears
Tell everyone I can make them let her go




Crying out
She's in Heaven now
And this house couldn't work as a cage for an angel
Now it's me I've got to let go

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