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Nothing Less Radiant - text

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[Verse 1]
We sank down under the sand
Down with the creatures
Where we found ourselves lying around
Searching for something so much
More there's so much here
Why do we bend ourselves
Baby it's just a kiss
Why do we compromise
It's over my neighbor
I'm under such pressure
If Heaven is waiting
There's nothing left here for me now
Now we're fading into this world of
Desire and shame
There's nothing less radiant
[Verse 2]
Lie awake eyes on the wall
Packing back and forth through
Ever night there is a change
There is an obvious change
When we feel undenied
Why do we go unreserved?
Lights out open thighs
Run away, oh run away
On my face there is a change
And all these scars are floating away
I cross my arms and take on the rain
I'm on my way I am awake

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