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It was how Dave said "us"
Like the last three years had never happened
It was how George walked down and threw dirt onto the casket
It was how I know you would want this to be a fast one
And not some cliché ballad

I'm slowing down in the August air
A heavy heart and shaking hands carried you up here
I buried half of a decade there
It was the better part
You'd catch the reference if only you could hear
Because I can still hear you in the bass drum beat after "I'll Catch You"
I'm left wondering if you meant anything when you typed out
"You never got me down, Ray. I never went down"

You know the fucked up part is
I kind of always knew we'd have to write a song about this
You know the fucked up part is
I had my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be for you, kid
You know the fucked up part is
It's been months, and I still have nightmares
You know the fucked up part is
I'm never going back there
You know the fucked up part is
The fuckedup part isthefuck edup partisth efuckedu ppartisfuckfuckfuck.

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