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I cannot remember the last time that I could see the shore
The black clouds above have wrapped the sky into their deadly fold
This tempest all around pulls me down into the ocean’s core
Tell me what it is I’ve done that brought about this rain and cold

...The things I left behind
go on and let your rage unwind

Here I am. now’s your time
I haven’t been that hard to find

You think you're so wise and strong
I have been here all along
Feel my fury, spare your wrath
Just another fool in my path

You think that you’re All

My fears have taken form
They've blotted out all the light
Cast away by the waves (by the waves)
Guiding lights went astray (went astray)


Live, learn, or at least you live
Forgive, forget, or at least you forget

The sea at storm has pulled me in
this is a fight I may not win
The sea at strom is testing me
Is this my end or destiny?

The sea at storm has pulled me in
You’ll never harm a soul again
The sea at strom is testing me
This is for all the suffering

Tidal anger pulls me under
Tidal anger

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