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He roams the earth by night
He prays to catch a sight
Of the thing that escapes his mind

It hunts and haunts, escapes and eludes
It's gone when he opens up his eyes
It’s not living when you’re dead inside

I’ve been through Hell, I’ve tasted heaven, I’ve walked the road that joins the two
Now I’ve lost myself somewhere inside of me and I'm not sure what to do

This past year has been the hardest time of my life and I would kill for a rock or a hard place
But now the clock has turned, I guess the lesson learned is that The heart of stone shatters into the most pieces

It's been difficult and getting worse ever since the start, I burned down every bridge between my mind and my heart

The flame that lit my way
The Moon led me astray
The things my heart once had
That led me down this path
A wilted fragment of my Focus
A hidden thorn among the roses

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