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Chaotica (ft. Kody Hale of Denihilist/Hail to.. - text


Black bleeding from the skies above
Seeping into this parched earth
Savage ink of this world’s blood

My name is formed, marred across the land
“Chaotica” scrawled out by the Withered Hand

Feel the power of consuming fear
Dread clutched your heart as I draw near

A blackened tongue utters my name
My hunger seeks more lives to claim

My strength rides in upon the wind
An ancient evil was condemned
Now wandering freely once again
Lurking no longer I descend

Where I walk even the earth is wise enough to tremble

Forms of light curse my life
I’ll burn the world, swallow it alive

Feasting on all those in my way
Ripping out the heart of the day

Black bleeding from the mourning skies
Poured out on all the earth
Hiding from my eyes

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