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RECAP RAPS - The Spider-Man Trilogy - text


Back in '02, man those were good days
With Tobey Parker and he wasn't from the uh
And young Franco was his nerdy best pal
Both crushin' on MJ, the next-door gal
Well, you know the details
20-20, reflexes ''GO WEB GO!''
Flash fight at school
Spidey-sense is the advantage
Then he takes it to the ring with macho man savage
Uncle Ben tries to give Peter advice
Then he's killed by a criminal that Peter let slide
Pueled by the guilt, Peter start fighting crime
In a tight red suit by his own design
After graduation, Peter needs a way to get cash
Starts takin' selfies for J Jonah Whiplash
While Harry takes Mary Jane, dontcha know
On top of that Peter's got a brand new da-foe
Harry's dad, The Goblin, looking for payback
By raining on parades and targeting the handicapped
Spidey save Mary Jane from multiple threats
Upside down make out sesh
You could say she's extra wet
Goblin makes an offer Spidey refuses
So he frightens aunt May
Then makes Spidey choose his
Girl or the kids, Spidey holds with all his might
Saved by the citizens, fly off the final fight
Goblin has the upper hand
Spidey fights back again
Goblin tries to trick him. FLIP!
Glider to the aboommen
Spidey brings the body back and
WHOOPS! Harry's home
At the wake, Peter puts Mary Jane in the friend zone

Gifts and courses, Spider-Man abilities
With great power comes great responsibility

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Raimi's excellent Spider-Man
Character development
Dialoge with sentiment
That's how
You do a Spider-Man

2 Years later, Peter's always late
With pizzas' the class, and even to dates
With MJ, The girl still waiting next door
For Peter to sack up and give her some more
But Spidey make a promise to society
And his strogglin' performance anxiety
He's poor, He's sad, He killed Harry's dad
Yet everybody sees him as a charming lad
Especialy Otto, a relative physicist
Peter's new hero, until he turns villainous
And Horror movie murderous
Like a scene from Hitchcock
Eight limbs uninhibited
You can call him ''Doc Oc''
Monster on a rampage, steals form a bank and
Spidey can't hang, man still shootin' blanks
Sorry uncle Ben, '' I'am Spider-Man no more''
Just Peter Parker, back to life as a dork
But hey, now he has time for Mary J
For school, for food, and even her play
But not for amends with his closest friend
So Harry teams with the Doc to enact revenge
Slow mo car crash, Mary Jane gets snatched
Clock tower, tense battle, runaway train catch
Spidey is a hero, but to Doc he's a zero
And to Harry he's a daddy killer
Who is really Peter

Back to the rampage, '' Oh hey MJ!''
Power of the son, in the bottom of the bay
Weeding way runaway, Jonah's son gets screwed
Next door to door way, Pete and MJ ''WOO!''
Long awaited kiss, that's one happy spider
For this course is a gift, ''go get 'em, tiger''

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
There's the story of Spider-Man
That was it, most certainly
It's a two film trilogy
We're done
With all the Spider-Mans!

Peter's with MJ, for now they chillin'
'Til He's gotta deal with not 1 but 3 villains
Sandman's one, Peter's best friend's two
But his biggest struggle is against sticky black god
He knocks out Harry, who then loses his memory
Now he's a charming creep, Franco in reality
MJ's mopey but Peter's just gravy
He's too busy swingin' with bryle dallas Stacy
They upside down kiss and MJ's pissed
So she gets back with Harry, what an awkward twist
But we get some new developments
That none of Y'all bet on
Sandy killed Ben! Why! Unnecesary ret-con!
Spidey gets gooey and so shades darker
He ''kills'' off Sandy and the good Peter Parker
Gets an emo 'do, black suit, dances so awkward
It's the visual equivalent od nails on chalkboard
Also he's a dick to MJ at her sad job
And a dick to Topher as the turns him into sad Brock
And subsequently Venom, man that wasn't tracked on
Then he gets with Sandy and the final battle's back on
Like clockwork, MJ's in peril
Spidey's outmanned, 'til he's aided by Harold
For like half a second, then he's conhed on the melon
Tube song, grenade, and that's the end of Venom
Afterwards, Sandy just wisps away
Harry passes on at the breah of day
One more funeral to show them in pain
And one last dance with Mary Jane

There was such great power all through out the trilogy
But Spidey 3 is just irresponsibility

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