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RECAP RAPS - Suicide Squad - text


Riding the momentum of Bats v Supes
a movie crawled out the Warner Bros poop chutes
In bright neon colors, it was something to see
but this thing stottered like dubba double-ewe b

It begins at the end, Man of Steel is ''dead''
they're outta heroes and using villians instead
Viola Davis has a new kind of challenge
it's called 'how to get away with wasting talent'

Margot Harley and the fresh prince of Gotham
both locked away because the batfleck caught 'em
They're the two main focuses promised on the poster
and for better or worse
we only get served with 30 seconds of Joker

Still, you got a crew of murderes and psychopaths
but they're quirky quip machines so everybody's fine with that
We see their dark stories now who thought it was a good call
to show stat graphics like it's Monday night football ?

Killer Croc, don't ''acks'' many questions
El Diablo - ws like a young Chris Evans
and a alcoholic aussie with unicorn fetish
and a thousand - year - old witch
that this guy wants to get with

Put 'em all together, it's an emo wet dream
on a suicide mission like a suicide... ...UH... ...Team

Needed a hit, yeah a runaway
and got the dude who wrote ''Training Day''
But only gave him 6 weeks to write
kinda sounds like a suicide
Aimed high, didn't hit the mark
ressmbled in a trailer park
This movie was ride or die
they chose the latter, like suicide

Enchantress inhabits an archaelogist
and only appears on osme beetlejuice shit
When she does, she escapes
frees her brother incubus
Steals the souls of innocents
and proves that she's an evil..

So now our villian-heroes hit the pavement
guided by Samsung product placement
And a heartland colonel trying not to sound swedish
'' I'm a Sooooldier! ''
definitely not swedish
Katana joins the unit as a random find
and Slipknot does too, 'cause he can-- Nevermind
But Margot Harley's fine as a hell
as a picture perfect image of poor mental health

They battle the supernatural, learning to be saviors
and still find time for degenerate behavior
Eventually victorious, but all that was required
was enough peer pressure to solve it all with fire
In between the action, a love story happens
like putting clown make-up on gosling and mcadams
They send cute texts and get each other mentally
take a bath in chemicals
Get it ? they have chemistry
boy, Jared Leto turned out awesome
white and full of life kinda like a used condom

Needed a hit, couldn't be a failure
gave the public very different trailers
So none of them would coincide
kinda sounds like suicide
DC just lost their marbles
hell, they even took jabs at Marvel
They're either going for a six flags ride
or self-imploding like suicide

Waller goes gangsta while the Joker eats shit
Willie finds a binder
gee, I wonder if it's secret
everybody sulks in a bar for a minute
But when Willie's daughter's letters show
everyone's back in it

To the station, where hallucinations
manifested by Enchantress
Illustrate her powers
but they still don't make her suck less

Now, all the rest of them have gotta be the good guys
pardon di while he burns, nice to know you, goodbye
Anyway, they save the day
nothing you ain't seen or read
Everyone survives --- Wait, how is Waller not dead?
welp, back to prison, even after all this glory
People don't change, that's the moral of the story

We're still going ?
Oh yeah! Post credits!
Setting up the Justice League, like Marvel
Get it ?

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