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RECAP RAPS - Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justi.. - text


Member Bruce Wayne ? WHO ? Y'all Forgot ?
He fell down a well then his folks got shot
But with billions with cash he along somehow
By a dressing like a bat and brundin' thugs like cows

'Member Clark Kent ? Across the bay in Metropolis?
A dork in his glasses but hot when he´s top-a-less
Gentle with his coworker, Lois Lane
Yet he plowed through a city like hurricane

As Superman, 'Member ?
He mistakenly killed a bunch of Wayne employees
And Bruce wasn´t thrilled And he wants revenge
We know the moment is arriving
The tension keeps rising
It´s all so exciting when

Batman and Superman finally meet
at a fancy party, they exchange pleasantries
just how i imiged in my childhood dreams

So many colorful characters also get screentime
like Alfred the scientist who don´t forget tea-time
Headline spitting perry morpheus
and a notable performance form a Jarr of Piss!
That´s from Lex Zuckerberk, mumbler and mutterer
S S S S Stutterer
A bold interpretation that no other Lex has ever done
found a way to ruin jolly ranchers for everyone

Meanwhile Bruce has some crazy ass dreams that
foreshadow things but he don´t know what they mean
but as Batman do, he just murders dudes-

Batman and Superman meeting part two
they chat again, but this time in costume
come on, when will they fight ?

Wonder Woman, Flash, and even Cyborg´s there too
Justice League teased, just like Aquaman´s hairdo
Martha Kent gives advice before she gets kinapped
Martha Wayne´s dead, 'Member?
Well, can´t she do that !

Skip the showdown
both gonna throw down
Sups has a power and Bats has the know-how
He rigged the place with booby traps
and layser-eyes fire back
Looking bad for bats but with kryptonite gas
tables turn, even brawl, smashing through brick walls
Sups takes an epic fall and Bats here can end it all
got him dead to rights, got a spear of Kryptonite, then-

Doomsday, Kryptonite, Wonder Woman´s on your side
more destroyed property, Superman´s sacrifice
Shaved Lex, Bat threats, funeral with bagpipes
Superman´s dead, I still don´t understand Why!

Batman v Superman had to be seen
Good god
DC just took a dump in my dreams
and it
all happend in Slow-mo
a long crap in Slow-mo
so much effing in Slow-mo
This movie would last half past an hour without all this
Slow-mo you know

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