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I've lived my whole life believing that the sun
would shine everyday on top of what I praised the most
But still the strain I've felt ever since
Leaves me sleepless, fearing the day that I'm lost
Fearing the day that we're set apart.

I'd prefer to live in nothingness for
All eternity.
I'd prefer to take my own life away

Than to exist in a world without a creator.

No escape for humanity's routine
Tears my spine in two, makes me feel weak
No escape for humanity's routine
Tears my spine in two, makes me feel..

Like it's the easy work of the seer
There's nothing holding me here.
Like eternal sorrow is here to stay
Am I the only one going insane?

This is the ephemeral order.

I ask forbearance please.
Suspended disbelief.
Imagine minds floating
The darkness of time.
I'm truly committed to save what's rightfully mine.

I call the speakers of the dead, come to me!
Come forth mother goddess.

"I call forth the speakers of the dead.
Feed off my soul.
Bring eternal life to my creator.
Feed Off my fucking existence

Protect my father.

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