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World was born everybody said
Finally we need something like world
Who didn't know of it that was gay at least
Somebody had might everybody said
Finally we want to have our government
But who knows of it
Begins cry 'cause knows the truth
I can't hear his cries I've my army
Said ruler and ordered one word go
And his army came
And people begin to ask why

Why you killed him he was good he was a man just like you

World was born but it's bad
Let's somebody go and kill that world
Let's somebody go and say to world

Try it again try it again try it again

It's while of thinking about the faults but it's too late
As such as he is will never be born again
Nobody knows so much things like him
Like him with simply name
He was John

Try it again
And do the same things like him
Try it again
And be a man just like him
Try it again
Maybe same just like him

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