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When everything will disappear like him like you
Then me then me
Into the black hole into the hot bake
Then me then me
Everything will ruin in the dust in the ash
Oh Bob Marley he's me
Sing like he did like I do Bob Marley
Oh I want it like he did
Go against all Bob Marley
Bob Marley, Bob Marley

When sun does rise when clouds don't lie
There will be only he his shadow
Everything will cover with nasty black dust
There will be he a dead tree

Sing like me Bob Marley it's me
You'll be like he was Bob Marley
Bob Marley who loved you
Tell me why you don't speak

Everything will be gone away people will be lying on
Let it's ought to be
You'll live on not wanted we'll stay
Live on without him

Why he must go there on the sky
Bob Marley it's a dream he's a God
What I know I heard him to play
Only once I heard him to play and sing
Nothing more nothing less
When all his children will grow op
In his nation in him

He'll raise like before
He'll play again
Oh Bob Marley he's the same like me
Like me like me

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