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We've learned to hate
ourselves in a dark
and act like we don't
we live in lie
in the endless vortex of time
I touch you heart and it's cold

But I just wanted to love your glassy eyes

So we can't be together
save and covered with a shield of lies
torture each other just to see if it dies
I can 't even remember the dreams I used to have
and I can't talk cause I'm feeling drown
and I can't sleep cause I'm falling down

I Just wanna to love your glassy eyes I just wont to stay to keep you warm and safe
and never let you down again
maybe I should love the one who hates
but it turns out that the one is me
And I don't wont to let you see

there are two worlds in this room
they are both upside down
and I can't sleep cause I'm falling down
we don't talk to each other
I don't even talk to myself
There is too much pain with in every breath

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