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Over green mountain sides
Over fields where we lay
Over sunsplashed orange skylines
My dying lambs they bleed and scream
And I crush them with my boot heels
For no shells I can afford
And I'm off to Dublin City
For I've lost our room and board
No I couldn't join the army
If I died what would we do
Me wife she is me sunshine
But she knows not what we do

To my dearest sweetest Colleen
Please forgive me for not calling
I regret you have to find this
The note that says I'm gone
I hope you do not shun me
Only ask that you forgive me
It was bound to happen as we both know
You know it had to be done
Take hold of tiny Kathleen
Take her o'er to mother Maureen's
There's money in the strongbox
Food and tickets in the car
Well, I can't stand to see you crying
Nor can you to see us dying
Well, I've gone to to set it right
I know you'll think I've gone too far
I cannot take this preasure on me
No one ever said it was in store for me
Well, I pray you do not shun me
I'm coming back my dear Colleen

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Long Dim Road

The Tossers texty

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