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I used to wonder where my da was at night
When him and ma would start to fight
Out soaked in 95th street beer
It was the strap I had to fear
As he would prowl around the southside at night

I'm old enough now in these places to be seen
With every gobshite fuckin tinker and jackeen
To Christina's place I'm drunk as hell
Or even the Ashford house as well
There was always one place that kept me in

Your always welcome at teehans
Any time of the year
You're always welcome at teehans
And I wish you were here

While Shawn was outside pissing in the row
Regis was in the back counting her dough
And Sue and Eileen were there
Without a bother or a care
Linda had your last shot before you'd go

Now our resident philosopher is Noel
And soon enough it's two and time for him to go
But we're not done no fucking way
It's back to the west side where I stay
And the four o'clock bars that never close

I've shook hands with city fathers and with cogs
And simple men that climbed in from the bogs
That said that music is a higher call
Than philosophy and art and all
The wisdom thats created by these dogs

Now when I left home the fire it was lit
To keep the faeries out my ma went into fits
And it was way down in Berlin
They cursed me for an Englishman
But to tell the truth I cannot give a shit

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On A Fine Spring Evening

The Tossers texty

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