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St. Patrick’s Day - text


On St. Patrick's Day

Would you care to walk with me
Once more tonight
Old streets we know
Become a new delight
Where the wildcats prowl
And the young men howl
Through every darkened door
From which we used to scour
So hold my hand
And let you go
On everything
That ever hurt you so
And stay close to me
Oh a stòr mo chroì
Warm in my coat my love
Right here upon my knee

On St. Patrick's Day

By grace you come
Through hell you go
But grace will come my love
Even when you think it's flown
For I'm so in love
That I can't deny
You are the girl I've dreamed of
All my life
And life is full
Of heartbreak and fear
But don't forget that it was meant
For you to enjoy my dear
And to celebrate
Each breath we [?]
And to commemorate another year
We are all still here

On St. Patrick's Day

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