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Not Forgotten - text


It's still tonight under the stars,
The wind is calm, no windows barred.
All birds sleep sound, back from afar,
And all the land is at peace.

The morning rose upon that day,
Our son from us was taken away.
And all the children that died that day,
For that, there is no cause.

You plan and execute with speed,
Your moral code is all you heed,
It's agony to lose loved ones, I know,
But an eye for an eye makes everyone blind,
And we will not be forgotten in time.

No one will hear our voice it seems,
Afraid of reprisals or impeding peace.
No one's been convicted of these deeds,
A miscarriage of government and police.
They've governed and they have swept it away,
They've executed and gone to the pub all day.
Have you acted in your virtuous way?
For peace we all have to wait till it's gotten,
Had the peace talks, had they all gone rotten. No!

And haven't enough people died?
And no! the victims will not be forgotten in time.

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