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Monday Morning - text


I sit alone
I drink alone
I was born alone
I'll die alone
I dream alone
I heal alone
I exist alone
And maybe now that's a lot of alone to put up with

But I like drinking on a Monday mornin'
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday too
Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornin'
Monday morning start anew

Well I been mistreated so my damaged self image
Is what I learned when I believed that what was said was true
Try harder, ya punk, you're an idle underachiever
Maybe so but I'll spite you now I've somethin' to prove
I've taken every behavior and identity on
Because I surely learned to be ashamed of my own
But aggression's not conflict resolution
Even though family, government, society and wrestling tell ya so

Well there's life outside school and your parents garden
So let go of how you learned your defences that way
It's probably you who's being selfish
No one has to stay with you when that's what you say
You take your anxieties out on other people
When you feel their behavior isn't true to you
And chemically on yourself when your damaged self image
Adheres to MacGowan's philosophy and other men's truths

Learning to let go of ideals and other people should be a virtue
Instead of torturing other for life
Never learning, never open, 'cause you've all these conclusions
Just 'cause it didn't work for your parents
No need to force it to work with your wife
Well no one can make me happy or see my side
Cause the anxiety's internal that makes us sad
So reassess addiction to chemicals and chronic wankin'
Well if that's what makes me happy then I've always been sad

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