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Long Dim Road - text


Oh well, we have to make it to Dublin dear to escape this persecution
Oh, we have to make it to Dublin and reassess this destitution
I'm sorry I was so formal before but you had me in a shock
Take it easy my best friend for come soon, I will join the flock

And Da I know you're out there somewhere, I'm coming home - I'm coming home
Now I'm runnin' toward ya down this long dim Dublin road
Never turn your back on anyone, I don't want to be alone
Now I'm runnin' toward it down this long dim Dublin road
Out up from the assize's where the splendor slowly dies

An old man stopped in ragged splendor knowing well where this road led
It's all the same on down this road so see the same until you're dead
Three keys - unlock your heart me boy to find what really matters
It's all that you'll be left with when you run yourself to tatters

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Long Dim Road

The Tossers texty

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