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Here once was a wee shop that an Irishman bought
In America, tried and true
But imports were scarce when they audit your wares
They keep you in court, is it racist or an easy target
Well, it's you!
Landlord, landlord, I.O.U.
Everyone should see this too
Landlord, landlord, thoughtless scum
Me duckin’ bullets, lazy bum
Lock me out take most of my things
Smash the rest in the street as tenancy sings
Landlord, I hate you and I hate this place
I hate this fuckin's city, nothing left for me to grace
All the tenants rush to collect my things
Cigarette walking down the road and I start to sing
Landlord won’t renew my lease
Pissin’ everybody off as their rents increase
No grants of funds as promised
And this job’s for the fuckin' birds
How the hell can I get out of here

Well, it sure ain’t flippin' burgers
Grown to accept the system and work within the state, but struggling
Begging for a check instead of my productivity is quite irate
Being scared into believing that we have to make it on our own
Accomplishment measured by how much crap we own
Like trusting that with hard work all the senators made it there
Without the help of midnight basketball and the support of the British Air
I’m Irish, not white American male, it's not the same
You try biking on through the West Side just to pay your rent in the rain
Looking out the window to see who has the power
Is it the whites or blacks or just the gun tower?
And we still, we still, we still pay all our dues
We still pay all our homage by ignoring their good news
And we still, we still, we pledge allegiance there
When someone’s almost paid the mortgage, till the system drops its snare

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