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At Arlington at the race outside of town
Herself and me were up before the dawn
She fixed her hair up and then we headed down

On a fine spring morning

The car park swelled as far as you could see
The queue's alive with bubbling energy
I found a place for her and me to see

On a fine spring morning

3, 5, and 6 away they run, she boxed'em in the number one
They pounded on the track like thunder jarring to the bone
And me I took the number 2, the nag her name was something new
I put her in trifecta and she crossed the line alone

Run you bollix!

The sun shone down and the wine and whiskey flew
The day went on and we had a drink or two
I held her up to fix the buckle on her shoe

On a fine spring morning

Then she grabbed me by the hair,
And kissed me underneath the stair
And nearly tore my coat as we went rolling down the floor
Then she grabbed me by the hand,
Saying take me now she did command
I wrapped her in my arms
And we headed for the door

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