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Johnny McGuire’s Wake - text


It was 1993
when my own true love and me
and put the troubles from our mind
So it's cause to celebrate
Said your oldest dearest mate
Said Johnny come have a drink
Before ya's go and leave us all behind
Now I look on that good bye
It sends a shiver down my spine
It was the last words that I ever heard him speak
It was right out of the blue
and there was nothing we could do
Now we're gathered round the front door
smoking outside Johnny's Wake

Oh here's to You, Oh here's to you
You don't deserve what you've been through
And throats did crack and hands did shake
when the Parting Glass was sung at Johnny McGuire's Wake.

Oh It's another rainy day
in every sort of way
So we fill ourselves with breakfast at John's Dad's
With Sausages and eggs,
Then we sat and drank the dregs
Of the case of powers
last night that we had
Then the Dubliners came on
and Luke Kelly sang a song
Of grief and loss of something we all know
Then we put him in the ground, and we turned the car around
And not one of us looked back them
The only town we know

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