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Claddagh - text


If your reactions are reflecting immediate gratification,
will you be happy continuing the way you begun?
For If you're not already happy,
then sadness may be all you have ever known.
And you'll just have to learn to live with it within,
or you'll have to learn to change and begin again

Well This ring means I love you,
but there is no one above you,
you are closer to me than a friend
and This ring I have shown you means,
I don't own you, but I know our love could last
'til the end

When you reflect someone else's life,
well that can cause all strife.
When there was nothing but domineering fighting when you were young.
So your relationship must work,
because your parents and you are a failure.
So to spite them, you live through them,
showing them that yours is strong.

But then how did you get here,
this attraction to this one here.
The one it seems can never live up or is right.
You're embarrassing and hating yourself more,
but yet this feeling is familiar.
When you're raised in anxiety, do you truly think
that it's happiness that steers your sight?

Humility is learning, to be sad anxious and yearning.
To shut up and not believe that you deserve,
anything you can't do for yourself,
and never being too selfish, to demand to be happy, or to be served.
There is no reason to think that one person can satisfy you in every way of life.
It's only society that tells you that that's the way that is true.
It takes strength to be alone,
but your life could be more if you don't always conform.

You're already in love with more than one person,
although you may not think you can be.
For old loves reside most, mostly in our memories.
But the fondness remains and it's still to them you would see.
This ring is a promise I am making to you,
to endeavor myself and sing for you.
To be happy and discover anyway I can try.
So my heart and friendship can stay true
cause my loyalty lies with you.
And my love, it will last 'til the end of time.

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