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Breandan O Beachain - text


Slainte today's on me, tomrrow boys it may not be.
Make life what it could have been, and please remember me
I am the wise man from the east, my name is Brendan Behan

Imagine a love you have to hide from the peering eyes within my time
I'm not an abomination, but still i feel ashamed
Marriage is a contract, marriage is a solemn pact,
but love is not a contract, it's truly not the same

True love is lookin' on those eyes, that truly see you as a prize
And seeing yourself as worthy, you're really loving you
Jim fights over everything with that dame,
but that's just 'cause he is ashamed
He's mad that he just hasn't been what he thinks she'd like him to

Alcoholics to the death they drink, but that's not what I truly think
A word to the wise me boys is not knowing what to say
Here's to your health and to your soul, and here's a Slainte preab san ol
And here's to that girl over there that is lookin your way,
Or to that fella over there if your cup of tea is gay.

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