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Another Boy Drowning - text

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Monday morning, I looked the mirror in the eyes
I think I'd kill myself, if I ever went blind
your life is slipping away,
you found out you're older than you thought
- you were today
You've gotta stay optimistic
It gets harder by the second
We all know we're edging our way toward - the end.
- carving hearts and crosses in my head -
There's people on the streets
throwin' rocks at themselves
Coz they ain't got no money -
And they're livin' in hell -
But there's animals down the road
adding fuel to this heat
It never did take much guts to be a sheep.
There are no voices - as the time approaches,
I wanted to be like Bob Dylan
Until I discovered Moses
Saturday night I was lying in my bed
The window was open and raindrops
Were bouncing off my head
When it HIT me like a Thunderbolt!!!
"I don't know nothing and I'm scared
that I never will"
You pray to your god, that you'll never feel so much pain again.
But the agony - has just begun.
Movin' on, opening new doors,
Life... just doesn't seem that simple anymore -
And in case I don't see you again,
I hope you'll feel glad that you knew me - while I was HERE!!!

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