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In The Silent Grave - text

Morning light bleeds into my room
As I ponder my impending doom
I almost long to be interred
My shameful tale will go unheard
In the silent grave

After all we are nothing
But a speck in death’s design
Breathing, choking, what’s the use in trying
To hang on to this farce called life

Graveyard skies and flesh that died
Soon I’ll take my place alongside
The guilty soul that dwell down here
End my sorrow, bury my fear
In the silent grave

What’s the use in lingering
Just like the memories of the dead
Haunting, cursing, my entire being
Won’t someone lift my useless body-
- from this God Damn Bed

[Rogga:] You won’t find peace among the worms,
[Ed:] … in the silent grave
[Rogga:] No salvation in this dirt
[Ed:] … in the silent grave

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