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Whats good with us these days?
Do you still even care?
I called you all night, you kept me waiting
Another cold night spent alone in Springfield.

And can you see what this did to me,
I'm outside, waiting at the door,
I hope you choke on every word

Last night I had a dream,
We were hanging outside 19 Maple St.
Every word we spoke,
Just disappeared into the dark like ghosts

And then you made your way back home
(You look so cold, you look so cold)
I could always read the situation
Get up and go and don't believe me

Whats good with us these days?
(Whats good with us these days?)
Do you still even care?
I miss the way I used to feel at home

I always said I loved you more
Forgive me, I couldn't find the words
I hope you got what you deserve

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