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These chains are heavy, but these hand stay steady
Grasping the anxiety of decision
But these walls are breaking, times up we're putting
Our thoughts into actions so let's take
What WHAT we WE

Want and apply it to what we have
To figure out what we need
Cause through the pain
It's in your hands
I'm not just yelling words

I'm not just preaching
It's more like teaching

So I'll tell you what we will do
We'll fly real hi like doves do
And we won't ever come back down
Give this your all and push through
Prove to yourself you can do anything you want to

It's such a cold day, but our hearts stay steady
Hoping but knowing that we're ready (for anything)
Cause you can bet me that we'll win it all
Our progress will not falter lets give them something
They THEY will WILL

Talk about, our strength unbound
Turn the wheels with no regrets
Listen closely follow along I tried my hardest
To write this song to be a message for all of you

I'm not just preaching
It's more like teaching

Hold us back we'll run right through you
The gratitudes worth what we go through
You can yell till your face turns blue
The good thing is you know I hate you

I remember those days
When my friends and I had simple ways

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