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Night it never seems to end
Pools of shadows overflow

Witness the souls of those who anger over under ripped and mauled
Exist alone and imprisoned. these nails slammed in my cell door
I see from this shade of light

Pride and avarice and envy
Are the sparks that light our heart
And blaze, it's warmth charred
And save you, save you from yourself

By these thin lids the shadows creeping in by my mind, abyss, of all foul things
Patience, the hunter to consume you
We see the vernacular of reason

Now. Void of Feeling

Hatred sold its soul. Wait we want to die
This sin, on and on, take what you can

My sons who are dressed in my flesh
Don't tempt with what you possess
Hunger a greater power than grief

I sinned not to die
Shadows overflow

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