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How horrible your face has become within this prison
I smell your steps on the wooden floor again
So desperate to keep them silent ... you are mine
With all your masochistic desire
Invoke and fight me again
Saw your suicidal seed
Inhale your schizophrenia
Suffer from your faded mind
Unlock the shrine
Release me
Will I kill us ?
(Will you kill us ?)
Will I release us ?
(Will you release us ?)
As salt runs into your wounds
You lose your sight and clench your fists
You mourn at the brought of your heart
The stench of urine and mould
You will crawl before me on this wooden floor
Let the splinters cout you
And free the mass that binds us
You will drivel and howl at this merciless rain ...
These doors will close for you again.

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Unlock the Shrine

The Ruins Of Beverast texty

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