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We build from what remains.
Open your eyes, we are set to decay.

The path we took is giving.
And we will wake up to a brighter day.

The lights will guide me, take us home.

So far from all we know .
We are one.

This is our anthem.

We know who we are.
And what we feel.
Has never felt so right.
This is what we have made.

The lies that you've spread are ruthless.
Trying to gasp for the last bit of air.
My lungs are empty, i'm weakening.
But through it all i fight despair.

In faith of what life will bring us.
We'll look forward and forget our past.

I left the shadows and broke the silence.
To be the one that you never had so

See who we are.
Look into my eyes.
A reflection of what.
We have become.
Believe it you may try me.
I will overcome.

See who we are.
Listen to what i have to say.
We are not afraid.
Believe it you may try me.
We are not afraid.

We Know who we are.
And what we feel.
This has never felt so right.

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