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Silence will be forced upon the ignorant
For they are helpless, to understand the truth of life
The time has come to stand up
And show them what is right
Life breaker
Face the storm that you’ve caused
To all you hollow minded
Fuck you, we all are the same
I am fearless
I will be the change
I can hear them calling
For they are chanting my name
We are fearless
We will be the change
Our battle cries will be heard
For we are all the same
Our strength comes from the heart
We hold the foundation of agony
Our pathways crossed one another
To discover and recover the cracks in the pavement
Proudly we will show them the march of the damned
For them to witness the strength of the pack
We will stand tall to watch them fall
Mark my words
This is the end of it all
Life breaker
Step into the light
This is your last call
To break free and unite
An eye for an eye will leave us all blind
Love is the cure so rewind to rewrite your life

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